Battery Powered Vertical Tamper

62.20 L For tamping and compacting the ballast to effectively correct track level errors.

  • Optimum compaction of ballast under the sleeper
  • Quiet, light weight and emission free
  • Minimum hand-arm vibration
  • Replaceable tamping tool
  • 62.20L E³ Slim: Reduced tamping tool diameter for heavily soiled ballast bed and for areas where space is restricted, e.g. in switches
  • Ideal on-board equipment for railbound tamping machines

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

62.20L E³ 62.20L E³ Slim
Drive BLDC electric motor BLDC electric motor
Output 2.0 kW 2.0 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1080 x 510 x 410 mm 1080 x 510 x 410 mm
Weight from 22.5 from 22.3
Weight battery 400 Wh: 3.9 kg 400 Wh: 3.9 kg
Weight battery 700 Wh: 6.2 kg 700 Wh: 6.2 kg
Weight battery 2300 Wh: 16.0 kg 2300 Wh: 16.0 kg
Diameter Tamping tool 75 mm 65 mm

Battery Powered Vertical Tamper

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