Hybrid Rail Head Profile Grinding Machine

13.49 HSK Recuts joint profiles smoothly and accurately. For a better grinding pattern in less time.

  • Easy grinding without effort
  • Even inexperienced grinders achieve accurate pattern
  • Half the weight by hybrid drive
  • Digital grinding wheel feed control
  • Maintenance-free and powerful BLDC motor
  • Less sticking and wear down of the grindstone
  • Air guide carries dust and sparks down and outward

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Drive Electric motor
Type Brushless DC motor
Output 3 kW
Peak power 7 kW
Max. permissible circumferential speed ~50 m/s m/s
Cup wheel 150 mm
Grinding disc speed ~5000 rpm rpm rpm
Voltage 230 V
Roller spacing 1000 mm
Infeed depth of grinding spindle electrical mm
Weight ~56.5 kg
Weight outrigger ~8.5 kg kg
Lenght without/ with telescopic handle 1750 / 1950 mm
Lenght without/ with telescopic handle 410 / 460 mm
Height 850 mm

Hybrid Rail Head Profile Grinding Machine

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